The 2-Minute Checkup: Winter Woes

Whether you exercise outside or inside, get in some kind of fitness when the termperatures are frigid. In addition, the doctor advises those considering for laser hair removal in this revisited January 2012 post.

[GET LIFE] The Ultimate Winter Workout Guide

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Don’t Be Ashy: Essential Tips for Smooth, Soft Winter Skin

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3 Indoor Winter Date Ideas That Will Not Disappoint

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Woman Who Got Hotel Rooms for Homeless During Polar Vortex Identified

Woman Who Got Hotel Rooms for Homeless During Polar Vortex Identified

The good Samaritan is putting them in a hotel for a week.

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Winter Season Brings More Than Snow with ‘Parking Dibs’ War

Okay …I’m was born and raised in Chicago, so I can only speak on my…

african american man snow cold weather

[THE WEEKLY READ] Dear Winter: Bye, Felicia

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