african american woman ab workout

3 Ways to Maximize Your Home Workout

The older you get, the less likely you are to set time aside to go…

Jada Pinkett Smith Shares New Year's Tradition on 'Red Table Talk'

Jada Pinkett Smith Shares New Year’s Tradition on ‘Red Table Talk’

The Smith women discuss keeping up positive outlooks for 2019.

african american woman ab workout

Fit Friday: These Classes Reportedly Spread More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat, Study Shows

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Sylvester Stallone Michael B. Jordan Creed

‘Black Panther’s’ Michael B. Jordan Compares Workout to ‘Creed’ Regimen

Black Panther’s Michael B. Jordan has a strict workout and his body is a true testament…

[Exclusive] Shaun T Lets Nothing Stop Him

For many, achieving eye-popping abs or losing even a few pounds can seem like a…

The Compact, No-Weight Workout

The fitness industry makes millions from the idea that people need a “facility” in which…