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Rapper Yo Gotti will reportedly be assisting with Jaheem McKinzie's funeral expenses.

Rapper Yo Gotti Will Help Pay For Funeral Of 10-Year Old Who Killed Himself

by Zahara Hill   Nov 03, 2017

10-year-old Jaheem McKinzie killed himself on Saturday after reportedly being beaten and choked with an extension cord by his mother. On Friday, Fox 13 reported... Read More

Don't Shoot song

Hip-hop Addresses Ferguson on ‘Don’t Shoot’ [NEW MUSIC]

by Cory Townes   Aug 28, 2014

West Coast rapper Game enlists some of his fellow wordsmiths to raise awareness on the topic of the death of Mike Brown, police brutality... Read More

The Week’s Hottest Music

The Week’s Hottest Music

by Starrene Rhett Rocque   Nov 19, 2013

Solange, “Cash In” This low-key, organ-driven ditty features Solange tapping into the upper register of her typically mid-range alto. The previously unreleased track has... Read More