The Other Diabetes: Being Young and Living With the Disease repost 11.26.19

The Other Diabetes: Being Young and Living With the Disease

During November, National Diabetes Awareness Month, we are reposting articles such as this one from November 2015 that focus on the disease.

Moringa School in Kenya Teaches Youth How to Code

Kenya’s population is made up of mostly youth who are unemployed and are under the…

bill cosby

Bill Cosby to Teach Youth About Sexual Assault

In today’s what the hell headline news, Bill Cosby, the embattled actor and comedian who…

Gabrielle Union Has Us Taking Notes on Natural Curly Hair

Gabrielle Union proves that curly natural hair makes you younger with new photos from her Flawless haircare launch in Miami.

[THE WAY FORWARD] It’s Time to Empower Kids to Become Leaders

I am old enough to have been through seasons that were not necessarily progressive seasons…


A Better Roadmap for Trump’s Inner City Agenda

President Donald Trump knows almost nothing about America’s inner cities. We are now more than…

Black Creativity Gala: A Night of Art and Innovation

Watch: The Museum of Science and Industry held its annual Black Creativity Gala on Saturday and featured over 100 art works from Black artists from all over the country.


Reaching Out and Helping Kids Cope in a Violent World

If you asked 17-year-old Newark, N.J. resident Naseer Wilkerson to describe what his neighborhood looks…

[GOAL ORIENTED] Emmitt Smith’s New Passions

It took Emmitt Smith 164 games in his professional career to set the NFL’s rushing…

Four Years After Trayvon Martin: Work Left Undone

Four years ago today, an unforeseen incident became the catalyst to start a national movement.…