Known for her signature candor and quick wit, comedian, actress, and writer, Ziwe is maximizing all of her talents. The multi-hyphenate is gearing up for the 3rd season of her hit eponymous Showtime late-night talk show to premiere this fall, a much-anticipated book of essays, entitled The Book of Ziwe, and the drop of her second music album. Amidst her busy schedule, she has announced a new project: starring in the first-ever national brand campaign for Loyal 9, a new canned ready-to-drink cocktail. 

The advertisements, which will air across digital and social media platforms, are about doubling down on the transparency of Loyal 9’s ingredients: premium vodka, real lemons and zero fizz. True to Ziwe's comedic style, the advertisements feature her bluntly questioning strangers about their cocktail preferences, with unexpected, silly inquiries like, What’s your take on the word “fizz”?

Ziwe stars in new Loyal 9 brand campaign asking strangers life's 'burning' questions.

The intention is to reinforce the award-wining drink's high-quality ingredients, refreshing taste, and lack of harsh carbonation; perfect for relaxed occasions and it won’t irritate your stomach. 

Today, EBONY chat’s with Ziwe about the new campaign and her latest projects. 

EBONY: Could you tell us more about your partnership with Royal 9 and the similarities you share with the brand’s mission of ‘keeping it real’?

Ziwe: My comedy is hyper realism. It exists in two people creating conversation together with a consciousness that the cameras watching them. So I think that is like a testament to Loyal 9 as well, which feels like a very real-centered drink as it focuses on real ingredients.

With simple ingredients like real vodka and lemons, and no fizz, it really feels like an adult version of standard seltzer drink. What do you love about the taste of the drink?

Well, I famously love lemons. So I like the lemonade version. I like a little tart, a little sweet and that's my preference so I totally agree with you about fizz. You know, for some people fizz hurts their tummy. They get bubble this is a great alternative.

The commercial shows you asking life’s ‘burning questions’ in a similar format to your talk show. What gives you that confidence to just ask anything, no matter how awkward it may feel in the moment?

I think it's about catching a real vibe, honestly. You have existed for however long you've existed on Earth, and you've had conversations that go swimmingly and conversations that have been really, you know, awkward and you sort of kind of persevere in spite of that. Sometimes the conversations on my show, are really real and they can feel uncomfortable. Other times, they feel really lighthearted…as far as pulling back, it really depends on the guests and the conversation topic. I just kind of let their energy guide my energy. It's an authentic conversation.

Is there anything you can share about the next season of your show, which will premiere later this year? 

We've just finished taping with some iconic guests. So it's going to be really chaotic! Really chaotic. Unfortunately, I am not contractually allowed to share but you can probably surmise some guesses from my Instagram. So that's a hint.