Fans of Tamar Braxton know the singer is head over heels in love with her mystery Nigerian boyfriend. The “Love & War” songstress even revealed she’d love to have some “beautiful African children” with him. In a new interview with Raquel Harper of BET’s Raq Rants, Braxton, the mother of one, shares that although more kids are the goal, she continues to struggle with infertility issues.

“I don’t know how they’re going to get here, but I really would like to have some more,” she told Harper when asked if she wanted more children.

“They just don’t stick,” she continued. “Before I had Logan, I had infertility issues. I didn’t know it. And so Logan is my miracle baby. I went through IVF and didn’t have to use my embryos. I got pregnant right after.”

Because Braxton underwent IVF treatments as a backup plan, she now has three embryos that have been fertilized with estranged husband Vince Herbert’s sperm. Although the relationship is no more, Braxton doesn’t directly reject the idea of using them in the future.

“I have three kids in the freezer still,” she said. “Two boys and a girl. Vince is the daddy to all of them.”

Below, hear Braxton and Harper talk babies at the gym .