It appears tension on this season of Celebrity Big Brother has shifted from Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss to the Braxton Family Values star and Olympic gold medalist Lolo Jones. Their heated arguments led to CBS cutting the live feed three times within an hour, and some believe the housemates also had a physical altercation off-camera.

The first clip shows the two debating whether another housemate lied to them. Braxton believes they were lied to, and she tells Jones, “You real funny,” for believing differently. This leads to the athlete calling out Braxton for “popping off” on people in the house for no reason. Ten seconds after Jones dropped the first of many F-bombs, CBS cut the feed.

Later, the two continue to argue, and Braxton tells Jones, “You need to calm down.” Again, CBS cut the feed once the curse words started flying.

In the final clip, Braxton can be heard saying, “Next time somebody call me a b*tch, I’m just gonna start yanking," to which Jones responds, "Then do it."

According to The Jasmine Brand, many fans believe the feed was cut because things got physical; Jones is rumored to have slapped the singer, leading to her immediate eviction from the show. There is no official confirmation, however, that the two engaged in a physical altercation.