Following the sorrowful “My Man,” Tamar Braxton returns with the necessary “Pick Me Up” off of her upcoming album, Bluebird of Happiness.

The R&B songbird delivers melodies and lyrics that were probably inspired by her own love life. Over the upbeat production, she shares positive croons of her better half, Vincent Herbet, who is the executive producer of her new album with Rodney Jerkins. “You’re my little pick me up whenever I’m feeling down,” she sings. “Can’t hardly wait until I’m with you again / It’s more than typical because you are my best friend / They be saying we be doing too much, I ain’t complaining / Love spending time with you and boy, that’ll never change.”

According to the baby of the Braxton Sisters, Bluebird may be the end of the road for her musically. On Thursday (September 14), she took to Instagram and called her upcoming project her “BEST & LAST” album, implying possible retirement in the near future. Bluebird of Happiness is due September 29, marking her first official independent release.

Listen to “Pick Me Up” below.