Tamar Braxton appeared on The Wendy Williams Show Thursday for the Season 10 premiere. In a sneak peek from Wendyshow.com, the singer gushes about her mysterious new love interest for the first time.

Host Williams gave a description of the unidentified man to the audience. “I’ll describe him: he’s African, he’s in wealth finance, he’s got dreads and he’s got a really nice body,” she said. Braxton interjected by screaming, “He’s fine! Hallelujah!”

The Tamar & Vince reality star has been dating the Nigerian for “about three months.” Despite the short courtship, she said, “It feels like forever” and that she’s “very much” in love. The relationship comes almost one year after Braxton divorced her husband of nine years, Vince Herbert.

“I met him at a friend’s birthday party. Thank you, God, he’s so fine!” She said. “I can’t take it sometimes. It’s like a whole snack — a Lunchable!”

The “My Man” singer shared small details about her new beau. “He lives in L.A., he’s originally from Nigeria, but he lived here for a while.”

Braxton said she is open to getting married again if he pops the question. She is most definitely willing “to have some wonderful, beautiful African children.”

The Wendy Williams Show airs on local stations at 10 a.m. EST. Watch the clip below.