Spring will be here before you know it, which means revamping your space for the season. Redecorating can be a fulfilling but, unfortunately, costly as well. Lifestyle influencer Tamara Bradshaw recently rose to viral status—amassing over 1 million followers—after trying her hand at decorating her own home during the pandemic, and sharing it with her social media networks.

“When my husband and I built our home, I was going to hire an interior decorator, but I felt I could do it myself," Bradshaw shares. "It wasn't until just before the pandemic that I started decorating my house and made a separate Instagram account for it. People just started loving it. I do a lot of DIY projects, especially for people who may not want to spend the money or just can't afford it.”

Since then, she has since expanded her brand to lifestyle, fashion, and home decor—all while helping fans attain a luxe lifestyle on a budget. If you’re looking for tips on redecorating your home this spring while saving a few coins, Bradshaw offers the following recommendations.

Take your time

Bradshaw’s first piece of advice when redecorating your home is simple—take your time. The influencer feels that there is no rush, and it allows you to figure out where to center your focus.

“There's no rush, especially if you're going to be in a home or apartment for a while. Figure out where your focus needs to be in the house, apartment, or whatever it may be,” advises the influencer.

Don't overlook stores you already frequent

“If you have a particular store where you shop frequently, they most likely will always have sales," she explains. "When that store has sales, be proactive and take advantage of it.”

Lifestyle influencer Tamara Bradshaw. Image: courtesy of Tamara Bradshaw.

Shop at discount stores

A good discount store never hurt anyone. Bradshaw insists that Home Goods and Burlington stores are great places to find good deals.

“When I started decorating my home, I got so many amazing deals at Home Goods that it was unbelievable," says Bradshaw. "The discount stores have unbelievable deals. They even have furniture, which can be discounted by up to 60%. I got a huge armoire for my bedroom that people can't even believe I got from there.”


“You can do your own DIY projects. That's what we're here for, as influencers, to guide you through our content. Instead of going to the store and spending $100 on a vase, you can paint your own for about $10. It's all about opening your mind up to it,” says Bradshaw.

Blend highs and lows

Bradshaw’s final piece of advice is to combine expensive with more budget-friendly items.

“If you want to spend money on a beautiful sofa, that's a piece that you'll have for a while. So it's okay to splurge there. You can save by then pairing it with a piece from a discount store," reasons Bradshaw. "At one point, I took old nightstands that my husband had for years, and I was able to revamp them. I didn't know how to do all this, so I researched on YouTube. Don't always throw out old furniture or pieces. You can always revamp them for a more modern look.”