The ex-wife of Usher Raymond has plans to appeal the ruling that handed the R&B singer primary custody of their two young sons. Following the judge's ruling, Tameka Foster went on Twitter to post a few words on "loyalty" and not "fearing the enemy," and inferred that Usher paid to win the court battle. Intending on filing an appeal on grounds of bias, the mother of five is using a rumor that dates back to 2008, in which Usher's lawyer's law firm held a fundraiser for the judge that presided over the case. The firm brought in almost $1,300 for the judge.

Whether that happens to be true or not, both sides have attempted to paint the other in a negative light. Usher posted a photo of Tameka on Facebook, allegedly smiling while he was emotional over the thought of losing his children. Tameka returned fire, denying that Usher was crying for their children, and accused Usher of pretending to be sympathetic to the sudden accidental death of her 11-year-old son, Kile Glover. The two bitter rivals wedded in 2007, despite opposition from Usher's mother, who did not attend the ceremony. They divorced after having two sons, Usher Raymond V, and Naviyd.