For twin star Tamera Mowry-Housley, her children, Ariah and Aden, are her pride and joy. While she's still a busy, working mom, the "Sister, Sister" actress says that her son and daughter have taught her so much during their short time on Earth—including how to be more patient.

"Motherhood taught me patience, not only patience with my children, but with myself. There are times when your children may be going through a milestone, and you start worrying, but eventually, they get through it," Tamera Mowry-Housley says. "Everyone has their own journey, their own time. We have to allow ourselves to be patient with ourselves. If you have a goal, if you are learning something new, be kind to yourself throughout the process. I never saw myself as a control freak, but I thought if I did A + B, I’d always get that C result, and that’s not the case. You can get the same result by doing different things, so look for different avenues. It doesn’t always need to be by the book, or when it’s “supposed” to be."

The actress recently partnered with belVita to empower moms to take much-needed time for themselves—even in those little moments between a seemingly endless list of to-do’s. We spoke with her further to learn some of her favorite "momtras" that help her through her busy life.

"What I absolutely love about partnering with belVita is being able to share these “momtras” that have helped me throughout my life," she shares with EBONY. "I believe we have a mommyhood, we have a village, and it is important for us to share our experiences and the things that help us thrive throughout our lives."

Below, Mowry-Housley shares 5 tips for busy moms everywhere.

Take a moment for yourself

"It’s very important to take a moment for yourself—not just on Mother’s Day—but every day. For me, I like to have my me-time in the morning after I send everyone off, my husband goes to work and the kids are at school, and I have a cup of coffee with my favorite belVita Breakfast Biscuit and savor the quietness for just a moment. My me-time helps me clear my mind and start my day the right way," shares the mom of two.

It's never too late to do a reset

"It’s never too late to restart your day, the right way," shares Mowry-Housley.

Making someone's day goes a long way

A little bit of goodness goes a long way. "You never know what another mom or caretaker is going through that day. A smile or compliment, the smallest action, can change the course of someone’s day," says Mowry-Housley.

Don't neglect your self-care

"Taking care of yourself is taking care of others," says the actress. "When you are replenished and feel good, you’re going to be a better wife, a better sister, a better mom, just a better person in general."  

Love yourself

"As women, we’re so focused on taking care of others and loving others. But it’s so important to treat yourself like you would treat someone you love. You are worth it!"  says Mowry-Housley.