Tamera Mowry made headlines after taking time out on her television show, The Real, to say her husband, Adam Housely isn’t racist following accusations stemming from his former employment at Fox News. The man himself is now addressing the claim and breaking down his role at the network.


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Today in #GirlChat: Tamera does not hold back today when it comes to people who call her husband a racist.

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In a series of tweets, Housely says he is not racist and did not support President Trump’s run for presidency or election.

“This is just for clarification so if you see any stupid people spewing lies…per usual…have them refer to this tweet. @TameraMowryTwo and I did not support Trump or Hillary and nowhere has there ever been anything said to prove such.

“No, I am not racist, or insensitive, or any other crap you spew. Yes, I love people from all walks of life. I love to cook, be with my kids, coach soccer, tell stories, music of all types, people of all types.”

Housely also explains that his role at Fox was as a straight reporter who covered natural disasters and school shootings far more than politics.

“At Fox, I worked in something called THE NEWS DIVISION. I covered fires…about 50…hurricanes..11…tsunamis 2…War Zones 3…Earthquakes 5….terror attacks & shootings..1 is too many.” Housely left the network because he was “unhappy with the tone of the conversation of the channel.”

Read his full response to racism allegations below.