The mother of Tamir Rice is honoring the memory of her son, who was shot and killed by a Cleveland cop in 2014 when he was playing in a playground, in a big way.

Samaria Rice is opening a youth center for inner city kids who are struggling, she told

“I don’t really see a whole lot of positivity coming out of the inner city when it comes to the youth that is suffering,” Rice said. “I want the center to give them a sense of hope.”

The Tamir Rice Afrocentric Cultural Center will teach and mentor kids how to examine and be engaged in political systems, according to

The Tamir Rice Foundation purchased the building in March and the previous owners said they were waiting for its “next purpose.”

“I’ve got to channel my stuff to the youth because they’re going to be our future,” Rice said. “I may not see it in my lifetime, but the center will make sure it gets done, that’s for sure.”

Rice hopes that the cultural center will open in 2019.