Rarely do we think about how exchanges of energy are passed from being to being, especially during sexual situations. But it’s something to consider when joining with another in lovemaking. During casual sexual encounters, most of us generally think that both parties walk away from the situation unaffected. But a whole other holistic school of thought believes that an unintentional energy exchange happens between lovers, regardless of their emotional connectedness to one another.

Every educator has a different stance when it comes to the subject of energy exchange. To get a broad perspective, I called on the advice of a group of women well versed in the field of sexuality. I asked each of these four “Sisters of Sexuality” to share their perspectives on energetic exchange through sexual encounters.

On Tantric Lovemaking

“Making love is all about the exchange of energy,” says Tiffany Janay, holistic energy and Tantra guide, and owner of Organic Blood Yoni Eggs. “The more one learns about various types of energy flows at play, the deeper you can go into the sacred art of lovemaking. When I learned about Tantra, I was so blown away to experience multiple orgasms from my husband without him even touching me!

“I’ve also been able to tune into my energy and bring myself to orgasm without touching myself, but simply by flowing the energy though my body. These experiences have showed me the capability of energetic exchanges and how much so we are energetic beings.”

Tiffany Janay offers training in Tantra for couples after extensive clearing sessions, and is the world’s leading retailer of Yoni Eggs. Find out more about her products and her work at www.yonieggs.com.

On Masculine and Feminine Energy Balance

“When thinking about positive sexual energy, a lot of people can attest to the fulfilling balance of masculine and feminine energy,” says Marla Renee Stewart, MA sexologist, sex educator and owner of sex-ed venue Velvet Lips. “Transferring these energies during sex or experiencing these energies during sex, with yourself and with other people, can help to balance out your physical, mental and emotional stress that may plague you on a regular basis.”

Marla goes deeper into the spiritual aspects of climax to explain how one can reach a sense of knowing. “For those who are spiritual, it is not uncommon to access enlightenment during orgasm because of the incredible exchange of sexual energy that your body ensues.”

Get to know more about this Sister of Sexuality and her sexuality coaching services at her website, www.velvetlipsllc.com.

On Energetic Cleansing

Jet-setting Jasmine is a certified trauma therapist and fetish coach, and she places emphasis on the cleaning process after energy exchange. “I always ask my clients what they do individually to address energy transference. I strongly encourage having your own cleansing process/ritual/mantra pre-post sex, even with the one you love. You only want to give and receive the best, and unintentional transference of energy is difficult to avoid.”

Negative energy exchanges can cause blockages in the energetic body, which can cause distress and even disease if not cleansed properly. Energy cleansing can happen via sea salt baths, saging, meditation, Reiki sessions and more. To find out more about Jasmine and her elaborate sexual wellness empire, visit www.jetsettingjasmine.com.

On Power Manifestation

Sexual manifesting consultant Parish Michelle Blair is well versed in how to use sexual energy to manifest great things in one’s life. She speaks on how anyone can use that energy exchange to have the lives they truly desire.

“The most powerful and energetic space is the multidimensional sexual experience. It’s extremely vital before entering into a sexual experience to set the intention of what you want to manifest from the experience,” Parish states. “Is it intimacy, is it wealth, is it health or is it just pure unadulterated pleasure? Before exchanging the physical energy, determine what you want on the emotional, energetic and spiritual levels of the sexual connection and it will manifest.”

Find out more about Parish and her work at www.mindfullivingmedia.com

Sex is more than just a physical act. It’s worth being aware of where your energy is before, during and after a sexual experience. Take the advice of these ladies and decide how you want to use your sexual energy.

Glamazon Tyomi is a freelance writer, model and sex educator with a deeply rooted passion for spreading the message of sex positivity and encouraging the masses to embrace their sexuality. Her website, www.glamerotica101.com, reaches internationally as a source for advice and information for the sexually active/curious. Follow her on Twitter at @glamazontyomi.