Vincent Cirrincione, the Hollywood manger responsible for launching the careers of stars like Taraji P. Henson and Halle Berry, has shut down his firm, Vincent Cirrincione Associates, after being accused of sexual harassment by nine different women of color. The move comes after clients, including Henson, dropped the industry giant as her manager over the weekend, according to The Wrap. 

See Henson’s reaction to the allegations against “father figure” Cirrincione below.


The #MeToo movement has outed its latest offender in Hollywood manager Vincent Cirrincione. The industry giant represents stars like Taraji P. Henson, who recently shared her reaction to the news that he’s allegedly been harassing women of color for over 20 years, according to The Washington Post.

Henson claims the news of Cirrincione’s behavior “shocked, hurt” and “offended” the Golden Globe winner. She also realizes this gives women more reason to be distrustful of the men in the workplace.

“Everyone knows how difficult this industry has been for women and my hope is that all of these unspeakable events ignite true change in the treatment of women in this entertainment business,” the Proud Mary actress wrote.

“I feel saddened, disappointed and ashamed. We deserve better,” she wrote. “THIS HAS TO STOP!!!”


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The EMPIRE star told The Post just last week that she looked up to Cirrincione as a “father figure,” after working together for 20 years. Henson’s publicist, Pam Sharp, is Cirrincione’s longtime girlfriend.

“I’ve never had any issue with this on any level,” Henson said. “He totally respected me.”

In her darkest moments, Henson claimed the accused would pay her rent, child-care fees and, later, her son’s school tuition.

“He saw a single mother trying to make her dreams come true, and he nurtured that. “He wrote checks and wouldn’t ask for anything in return. It wasn’t coming from a creepy place. If anything, it empowered me. Like this man believes in me. I love him for that.”

Cirrincione also managed Halle Berry for over 25 years. The nine women of color accusing him of sexual harassment claim he would use Berry and Henson’s careers as bait for them to perform sexual favors, promising to make them stars as well.