Taraji P. Henson’s 2016 memoir Around the Way Girl provided an intimate account of her rise to super stardom. The What Men Want actress revealed she was denied a role in the 2014 film St. Vincent because of her race, but never revealed the identity of the executives responsible for making the decision, until now.

In an article published by The Guardian Friday, Henson revealed former film and television executive Harvey Weinstein refused to hire her. “Basically, I don’t think he saw my box-office appeal," she explained. “What I heard—I didn’t sit down with the man—is that he wanted someone who was known internationally, so they got Naomi Watts."

When asked about the recent allegations against Weinstein, she added, “Well, you know, I just sit here and I sip my tea.” Henson continued, “I never wished anything bad on the man. I was just, like, ‘O.K., he’ll see. That’s another people who’ll have to eat crow. How would you like yours? Fried? Toasted?”

Harvey Weinstein is currently facing trial in New York due to numerous charges of sexual assault. He denies all the charges made against him.

Henson believes being denied a role in St. Vincent may have been a blessing in disguise due to the success she's achieved afterward. "That’s how God works. He had a bigger plan,” she said.