Can we say an all-inclusive clothing line?

Last year, Target announced that it was planning to expand its line of in-house brands.

Since then, we’ve had the option of purchasing Joylab’s  A New Day, a fashion-forward and size inclusive clothing brand.

Now, the brand has announced that soon-to-be release of Universal Thread, a clothing lines that merges size diversity and value. The clothing line, according to Refinery 29, the clothing line will launch next month. Items are available from $5 to $39.99.

Target has been proactive about its in-house brands, ensuring that it represents a range of sizes from 00 through 26W.

The media outlet reports that the clothing line will include an array of tops, dresses, accessories and shoes grounded in denim.

Target’s Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Mark Tritton, said Universal Thread’s focus was to include fabric that emerged from “every woman’s wardrobe.”

Tritton also said that experts with the brand researched “1,000 women from across the country to better understand their needs when it comes to shopping denim.”

Universal Thread will be available for purchase in all Target stores and starting in early February.