Despite the general public's ongoing mourning of Whitney Houston, today the residents of Houston's hometown are lamenting another aspect of the singer's passing. Newark, New Jersey wants residents to fork over $187,000 in taxes to cover Houston's February funeral that took place in the city. While Newark residents have been showing a huge amount of support for Houston, many are drawing the line with these costs, claiming that they shouldn't have to pay for a funeral that they weren't even allowed to go anywhere near.

Houston's funeral ultimately used up 5% of a $4 million dollar budget. Apparently, the extensive amount of security at the star-studded funeral is the main source of the large price tag. Residents have said that because the family requested so much police presence, they should be the ones footing the officers' overtime. While the heavy security certainly makes sense given the high profile nature of the event, taxpayers perhaps should not be required to shell out such a large amount collectively if they weren't even allowed to properly pay their respects.