In today’s “what the f***” news, a Georgia-based teacher asked a Muslim student if she had a bomb in her backpack.

Yes, you read right. As if the famed “Clock boy” incident wasn’t enough, the Islamaphobia, particularly targeting Muslim minors, is in full effect.

Abdirizak Aden says his daughter attends Shiloh Middle School and was singled out because she is Muslim. He says his 13-year-old daughter was sitting in science class when her teacher asked her if she had a bomb in her book bag.

“Why do you have your book bag over your shoulders? Is there a bomb in there?” the teen Anab Osman, the girl’s sister repeated. “My sister was in shock.”

Aden’s family, who is originally from Somalia, says the child wears a head scarf as part of her Muslim faith. Aden says that after the incident, his daughter called him from the school and said that she was so embarrassed that she wanted to go home.

After being originally brushed off, Aden was able to confront the teacher about the incident the second time he came up to the school.

“She said she was joking. Then I said to her, ‘Do you know what’s going on in America? You’re not supposed to joke like this,'” said Aden.

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