A teacher apparently fired a gun inside an empty classroom at a Dalton, Ga. high school on Monday, according to authorities.

No students were in the classroom when the incident occurred, but a student hurt their ankle as the school was being evacuated, according to reports.

Authorities identified the teacher as 53-year old Jesse Randall Davidson, who teaches social studies at Dalton High School where the incident took place.

A single shot was fired, according to reports.

Davidson barricaded himself in the room and had a 30-45 minute standoff with cops before he was taken into custody, according to TIME.
This latest incident comes days after President Donald Trump tweeted about arming teachers with firearms following the school shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla. that left 17 people dead.


Students at the school took to Twitter and called out people who thought this was a conspiracy theory.

“My classmates were shoved into dark classrooms not knowing if they’re were going to make it out alive and were literally posting their goodbyes on social media,” one Twitter user wrote.