In case you missed last week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, Ray J met up with his girlfriend Princess Love to discuss her pillow talking with Morgan. It appears he isn’t happy about Princess telling Morgan all of their business. He warns Princess to stop conversing with her, but also makes the mistake of mentioning that he talked to Teairra.

This completely sets Princess off, and before you know it, she’s throwing cheap wine and hors d’oeuvres all over the place. Princess also made the mistake of trying to attack Ray physically, but she moved about an inch too far to the left and fell into Ray’s pool. I’ve got to hand it to Ray J, he handled her pretty calmly. I guess those anger management classes are paying off.

Nia Riley is involved in a really bad car accident that leaves Soulja Boy reevaluating their relationship. He doesn’t promise to do better by her, or even have her move back into his house, but at least he can tell her he loves her with a straight face now. How’s that for progress?

Then, it’s Teairra Mari’s turn to redeem herself. Yung Berg hosts a showcase for Teairra, and if you recall, the last showcase didn’t go so well. T.T. hopes for something better this time, and as expected, she doesn’t disappoint. Also there to see the show was Ray J, who meets Teairra backstage to finally give her the heartfelt apology she’s been waiting for. He even gives her a Louis Vuitton duffle to replace the one she left at his place during their last breakup. Teairra is overwhelmed with emotions (and lust) and doesn’t even let Ray finish his apology before she shoves her tongue down his throat. Guess you can say today was a good day.

Next week, the first ever Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion show is set to air, and judging from last night’s preview, it’s about to be a wild one! Check back next week for my thoughts on this Hollywood cast.

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