After fatally stabbing his stepfather, a Colorado teen posted a video of the man dying on Snapchat.

Pix 11 reports Nickolas Khalil Vinson and his 40-year-old stepfather Oscar Lemar Owensby were arguing about chores and agreed to physically fight one another through text last Friday.

The 19-year-old claims when he returned home later that night, Owensby followed up on the words they exchanged earlier and wanted to fight. Vinson’s mother Celena pleaded for the two to talk out their issues with one another. After Owensby left to pick up his wife, Vinson said he called he told his stepfather to come to his bedroom basement where he was at the time.

When he descended down the stairs, Vinson stabbed him multiple times with a seven-inch blade.

Vinson then began to record the aftermath of his heinous act on Snapchat. Police said in the video, Vinson boasts about killing his stepfather and his mother is seen wailing alongside her dying husband.

He is being held without bail on a first-degree murder charge.