A student at a Fort Worth, TX high school stood up to a group of students waving Confederate flags as she held a vigil for gun violence.

Eaton High School student Dani Vine organized the vigil to remember the students lost at the Parkland, Fla. shooting in February and to also protest gun violence when it was interrupted by students allegedly yelling racial and transphobic slurs, as well as chanting “white power,” NowThis Politics.

Vine took the flag from a student and stood on it in front of demonstrators.

“My main goal was to remain calm no matter what, but after seeing people hail Hitler and scream racial slurs I couldn’t control myself,” she told NowThis. “I turned around and saw a kid with a confederate flag and out of anger I made the choice to take it from him and to say that racism isn’t allowed in this school. I know that wasn’t the right thing to do but I can’t apologize for defending myself and standing my ground. I refuse to.”

Check out the video below.