A Houston teenager is demanding a public apology from the Fox 5 anchors who called him “obnoxious” for applying to 20 colleges.

The Washington, D.C. anchor and contributor made comments about Micheal Brown’s decision to apply to so many schools in which he got into every single one and showed off his reaction to getting into his dream school, Stanford University.

“It’s a little ridiculous that this kid applied to 20, taking away a spot and basically waitlisting another kid,” Sarah Fraser said on the April 3 show.

The Fox co-anchor Holly Morris called Brown “obnoxious” for applying to so many schools.

“I think it’s a little obnoxious because you can only go to one,” Morris commented. “You can only take one full ride, and you are taking a spot from someone else who worked really hard.”

Brown said he spoke to the anchors and had a “respectful” interview with them, but would not allow the interview to air until he received a public apology.

Fraser said she apologized to Brown and that he accepted her apology.

“Michaels accomplishments aren’t up for debate. I have learned a valuable lesson,” she tweeted.


Brown, who has a 4.68 GPA, received full-ride scholarships to every school that accepted him.