The family of a West Michigan medical school resident now missing for more than a week is desperate for answers. Teleka Patrick was last seen in the parking lot of Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo Township on Dec. 5. Her car was later found in a ditch in Portage, Ind. and police and family members have been searching for her ever since.

Patrick's parents are back in Kalamazoo Sunday, here from their home in Florida. They've been eager to do anything they can to help search for her but say it gets more difficult on them emotionally with every day that goes by. They tell Newschannel 3 she would never go off without telling someone. They say she is a responsible, hard worker who just received two medical degrees and is now a resident at Borgess. All week, there have been searches going on in two places, both here in Kalamazoo and then also blanketing the area around where her car was found in Indiana.

Indiana State Police have been searching with tracking dogs, ATV's and helicopters, but so far there are no new leads.