This year, several former Cosby Show stars will be coming to a small screen near you, acting in a variety of both prime time and cable series. The most recent of the Cosby brood to land a role is Tempestt Bledsoe. Bledsoe is set to star in the developing Jimmy Fallon sitcom, "DILFs," as the wife to comedian Anthony Anderson. The two will play a down-on-their-luck couple who remain very in love despite their rough financial situation. 

"DILFs" centers on three, thirty-something year old men managing parenthood, relationships, work, and everything in between. Bledsoe is widely known for her girl next door humor, so her role in "DILFs" seems very fitting. This will also mark Bledsoe's return to sitcom television. Seeing as this is Fallon's project, the series will most likely air during prime time, adding some much needed diversity to the family comedies already on air.

Will Bledsoe and Anderson have enough chemistry to keep viewers invested in their characters? And, how crazy will it be to see a grown up Tempestt go from daughter to mother?