The big and small screens are heating up as announcements about some of our favorite leading men hit airwaves.

Season 2 of Empire, starring Terrence Howard, is just two weeks away, but the latest teaser will make you wish the premiere date was even closer.

With the king of the Lyon clan in jail for murder, the Empire conglomerate needs a new leader. So who will it be?

The one-minute clip below leaves the answer to the imagination as members of the Lyons family, including Lucious whose prison term seems short-lived, work to uphold the company’s legacy.

While Howard is dominating the television world with his latest gig, Jamie Foxx and Will Smith have their eyes set on the box office thanks to their new roles.

The Ray actor will star in Baby Driver, a film about a young getaway driver who finds himself in the middle of a heist when a crime boss, played by Foxx, hires him.

According to Deadlinethe filmmakers are currently solidifying the 47-year-old’s agreement, and moviegoers can expect to watch the flick in 2017.

For Smith, his part in Collateral Beauty is a done deal.

The drama, just acquired by New Line Cinema, is about a depressed New York advertising agent dealing with a sudden family tragedy that turns his world upside down. Fans can catch this project when it hits theaters next year.