Terrence Jennings, a notable independent photographer and photojournalist is a veteran in his field of 20 years. “That was my goal; not to punch a clock,” he proudly offers.

“And I own everything I photograph," Jennings adds. "I control the licensing, so I can say yes or no to where my work ends up.”

From the series Textured Images, Jennings fused two of his images to create a montage that was photographed in Brooklyn in 2003. “I found the locations and we would run with it," he says. "Fifi Bell (the model) is spontaneous and bubbly. She just jumped up and started swinging.”

Playful and free, she dangles from a fire escape over the cityscape in cowboy boots. “Being open to the experience of creativity; that’s art," he adds. "Her energy is contagious here, you have to smile. It’s like, what’s the word? Effervescence."

View more of his work at www.terrencejennings.com and follow his work on IG: visionquestnyc