UPDATE: 11/9/2017

Terry Crews recently shared that he was groped by a Hollywood executive at an industry party, inspired by Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace after a damning news report from The Times exposed decades of sexual harassment allegations.

The actor is now taking action against the unidentified executive, filing a police report, according to TMZ. 
This filing could trigger a criminal investigation since the alleged incident occurred last year, which is still within the statute of limitations in the state of California.
Original Story: 10/10/2017

Amid news of Hollywood big shot Harvey Weinstein being fired from his own company after decades of sexual harassment allegations were made public, actor Terry Crews is sharing his own experience with another industry insider whom he says groped him in front of his wife.

In a series of tweets, the 49-year-old revealed that a male film executive approached him and wife, Rebecca, at a party and proceeded to feel him up, giving him “PTSD” over the current Weinstein allegations.

The Brooklyn-Nine-Nine star goes on to say that while his first reaction was to beat up the unnamed exec, imagining the repercussions he could face professionally stopped him.

Crews admits that he remained silent for fear of being ostracized or even blackballed, saying he knows many women in the entertainment industry suffer in silence for the same reason.

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