An outrageous statement made from Fla. test administrators has not only sparked a lawsuit but an investigation into possible racism in the Citrus County School System in central Florida. Lelia Jackson-Burch and Aretha Thomas were accused of cheating on a nursing exam by test administrators because, as one of the three facilitators said, “you people don’t score high.”

According to the lawsuit, although no other evidence of cheating was produced, the administrators demanded the women return their test scores and re-take the two-hour test. Jackson-Burch refused and got in her car but director Judy Johnson used her body to block the car from leaving and the administrators called 911.

Three deputies arrived, and Jackson-Burch allowed them to make a warrantless search of her cell phone. In the subsequent sheriff’s report, a deputy wrote that they found no evidence of cheating. The administrators then notified the Florida Department of Education, the Orange County School Board and Columbia College — where Jackson-Burch had been a student for three years — that she had cheated, and refused to validate her TABE test score for eight months, causing her to miss out on a pre-planned nursing course, according to the lawsuit.

Thomas took a $2,500 settlement from the School Board, but Jackson-Burch refused the offer.