Pamela Turner, the 44-year-old woman killed Monday during a dispute with police in Baytown, Texas, was not pregnant at the time of her death despite her claims before the shooting.

According to The Guardian, Baytown Police Lt. Steve Dorris confirmed that Turner, who screamed "I'm pregnant" moments before she was shot and killed, was not with child; he declined to explain how officials came to that conclusion. Autopsy results are still pending.

Dorris said Turner was approached by a Hispanic 11-year Baytown Police Department veteran who recognized her and attempted to arrest her on outstanding warrants.

A video posted to social media captured Turner saying, "You're actually harassing me" and "I'm actually walking to my house," during her interaction with the officer.

Dorris said Turner and the unnamed officer engaged in a struggle and Turner shocked him in the groin once he retrieved his Taser.

Amid the struggle, the officer fired five shots; Turner subsequently died. Dorris said the officer did not suffer any serious injuries.

"It’s a tragic event for everybody involved," he said. "Of course, our hearts go out to the family of the deceased as well as our officer."

Authorities would like the person who recorded the video to come forward since he or she is a witness to the shooting.

Civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt took to Twitter on Tuesday saying Turner was a mother of two, grandmother of three and suffered from schizophrenia.

"Her name was #PamelaTurner. Mother of 2, grandmother of 3. The day after Mother’s Day, an 11 year police veteran stalked & harassed this 44 y/o woman he knew to suffer from schizophrenia & shot the unarmed woman 5x, killing her," he wrote. "There is no justification. There must be justice. "