We all know mamas do not play when it comes to coupons. Texas mom and mother of three Kimberly Gager has used her knack for saving to provide for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

In a Facebook post following the devastating natural disaster that swept through Houston in late August, Gager asked the public for donations to buy groceries for those affected.

“After Harvey, I kept telling my mom, ‘There’s something more that I need to be doing. I don’t think I’m doing enough,’” Gager told CBS News San Antonio. “So I put it out on Facebook.”

“Many hurricane evacuees are asking for pampers, wipes and formula,” Gager wrote in the August 29 post. “I don’t have any of that stuff in my stockpile but I have tons of coupons for them. If you want to donate and assist me with getting these items, you can send the donation to my PayPal.”

Gager even offered to show receipts from the purchases. But she wasn’t expecting the response she received.

Thus far, the philanthropist has made approximately 50 trips to Walgreens and Target and spent around $2,7000 to aid those impacted by the storm.

“Sometimes I’m delivering until 1 or 2 a.m.,” Gager said. “It’s really becoming a second job. I’ve gotten very little sleep.”

“I’m in that store so much now that they know my name,” she said. “Now even at Target they see me coming they shut down a line and open another. They bring out pallets to roll items out to my car.”

Gager told CBS she’s been “extreme couponing” for five years.