Teyana Taylor did what most people aim to do when they become successful – help their families.  The singer honored her grandmother by gifting her a brand new BMW as a retirement gift. The 27-year-old uploaded a series videos to her Instagram account which features her family presenting her grandmother with the car.

“You’ve worked so hard for 52 years straight, barely taking a day off! Even when I told you that you never have to work another day again in life, You continued to work anyway because you loved and enjoyed your craft!” she wrote under the video. “U deserve the world Nana!! Me, my mom & aunties wouldn’t be the women that we are today if it wasn’t for you.”


The special moment became rather emotional with Teyana’s grandmother breaking down into thanks and praising God for the fortunes of her family as they embraced. In the middle of the prayer, Teyana’s mother and her aunts would join in for a group hug.

Teyana frequently speaks about her grandmother. In the recent episode of Teyana & Iman, she speaks on the dedication of her grandparents and how they are always praying for her and her daughter Junie. In the episode, they even hold a prayer circle via phone to help Junie as she fell ill.

The show airs on Mondays at 9 pm on VH1. The singer/dancer also has an upcoming project exclusively produced by Kanye West on the horizon.