Agent Provocateur has launched its fall 2018 campaign starring K.T.S.E. songstress, Teyana Taylor, rocking the sexist lingerie the season has to offer.

“Teyana’s undeniable talent, vivacious spirit and awe-inducing body inspires every woman to channel her inner diva and be the very best version of herself,” reads a press release from the brand. “Throughout the campaign, Teyana looks like a superhero in the autumn/winter 2018 collection as her sculpted figure poses in strong, athletic shapes. Each piece makes any woman feel as fierce and confident as Teyana looks, from the Lorna electric blue and Anna set, radiating slick Superwoman vibes, to Teyana’s favorite the Genevieve tiger-print matching pants and bralette, that screams, ‘I am woman, hear me roar!’”

The accompanying video features the Harlem girl dancing to Exile’s “I Want to Kiss You All Over,” with the “Hurry” singer saying she just lets her body guide the moves.

“It’s hard to explain it but it’s all about chemistry and how I feel. As soon as the music pumps in my ears, my body just goes with the flow.”

Check out looks from the new collection below.

Taylor was also the face of Kari Kani’s Spring/ Summer 2018 collection for Pretty Little Thing.