Teyana Taylor has been completely transparent about addressing her former tour mate Jeremih, calling out the “Down on Me” singer for arrogantly calling her his opening act after mutually agreeing they would be co-headliners. She threatened to drop out of the tour altogether but managed to continue without him, rescheduling just one show.

During a recent appearance on The Real, the Harlem beauty kept it 100 while breaking down the demise of their touring partnership, saying the Chicago crooner didn’t put in as much work as she did yet felt the need to “play her” publicly:

I was doing everything. The promotion. I did my own promo videos. I just took it very seriously and I was very, very excited about it. And he did little to no promo. So . . . we got there and the concerts were sold out. But when we got there, his name was on everything. My name wasn’t even on the ticket. The whole line is like, ‘Teyana! We’re here for Teyana Taylor.’

But I was trying to explain to him was that’s natural because I’m the only person that’s promoting it. And he was like, ‘I got it to where I don’t got to get on Instagram to promote.’ And I said ‘Well, then baby it ain’t going to be sold out.’ Social media is everything. I’m working my behind off.

Then, you call me your opener during one of your shows but then go on radio and say, ‘I got love for her’ and make it seem like you’re taking the high road. It’s like no because if you had love for me, you would have never tried to play me live.”

Hear Teyana discuss the falling out with the ladies of The Real below.