Teyana Taylor has always been about her business. From our first introduction to her as a new signee to Pharrell's Star Trak label on My Super Sweet 16 to EBONY's recent cover of her and her family, she has consistently leveled up for many to admire and respect. And, she always manages to filter her various passions into feasible endeavors. Here, we take a look at some of the ways Taylor secures her bag.

Dionne Warwick Limited Series

How do you embody a living legend who is the epitome of style and grace such as Dionne Warwick? After social media fueled rumors about their resemblance, Taylor has teamed up with the icon to direct and star in a limited scripted television series about Warwick's life. Ms. Warwick is along for the ride as long as the Concrete singer is leading the way, which is a heavy honor. "She's been so amazing and she's put a majority of the creativity in my hands. She's like, 'Tell me the plan and what we're doing. I'm riding with you,' shares Taylor. "Not only is she an icon, but she's been in the entertainment game for so many decades."

The Aunties Inc.

Not only has Taylor been able to collaborate with other artists, she has utilized her own services for her own projects and won Video Director of the Year award at the 2020 BET Awards. In collaboration with Coco Gilbert, she started the transition to behind the camera work as a director through her production company Aunties 360. In an Instagram post she shared:

"The Aunties is more than just a sisterhood, but we nurture artist like ourselves, artist that visualize the unseen, touch the untouchable, and try what most would consider unthinkable. We represent opportunity, for the best of the best had an opportunity to start." 

In 2020, the duo closed on a a 5 acre lot so that they could carry out more of their creative endeavors, and allowed them to have onsite equipment custom tailored for their projects involving production, choreography, recording and more.

Teyana and Family Take on Reality TV

Reality television has been a significant entryway into learning more about our most beloved celebrities. A few years after their first show Teyana and Iman, where the Shumperts tackled life as new parents and newlyweds, the family landed We Got Love Iman & Teyana. Airing on E! Network, the new show highlighted the variety of creative endeavors the happy couple were involved in, as well as their hectic life raising their two daughters, Junie and Rue. The show also candidly provided insight into the health challenges that Taylor faced while redefining her career.

U.S. Creative Director of Pretty Little Thing

Fashion brand Pretty Little Thing (PLT) understood the assignment when they crowned Taylor as their U.S. Creative Director. With an eye for what's hot, she took the role seriously and debuted a unisex capsule collection, during New York Fashion Fall Fashion Week in 2021, that was heavily influenced by her own sense of style. It had fashions perfect for stunting on a Saturday night with the homies as well as empowering, sexy pieces for working out—and all guaranteed to having you look fly.

Darling Hair Extensions Ambassadorship

When it comes to hair, Taylor never misses. Whether rocking a short, bleached cut, extra-long tresses or bold colors, she makes a statement and sets the trend. In December 2021, she partnered with Darling Hair brand to drop a textured hair extension collection. The line includes adaptable protective styles such as individual braids, locs, ponytails and crochet styles.

MAC Cosmetics Collaboration

With a killer bone structure and an endless serving of face, it's no question why MAC wanted to partner with Taylor. and have her join the ranks of other female artists who have combined forces with the brand, such as Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Nicki Minaj. Inspired by her love for classic 90s fashion and beauty, Taylor worked alongside the iconic cosmetics label to create her exclusive collection of lip glosses, lipsticks and bronzers named after her songs and catchphrases.

Fade2Fit Workout Program

Along with being well-known for her dynamic and signature vocal ability and having an eye for curation across beauty, art and fashion, Mrs. Shumpert has a stunning physique due to her affinity for dance and movement. In 2016, she broke the internet when she was featured in the Kanye West banger "Fade"—which led to many asking for her workout regimen. Being the queen that she is, Taylor listened to the people and dropped the Fade2Fit workout program.

Junie Bee Nails

If you're a true Taylor stan, then you're familiar with the 1990s influence evident through her style and music. Fresh off the heels of her nail ambassadorship with OPI, it was that same aesthetic which influenced the opening of her own nail shop Junie Bee Nails in her hometown of Harlem in 2018. The talon salon—named after her oldest daughter—specialized in retro flare work mixed with modern techniques. It highlighted the work of Black and Brown nail techs in the area while creating a vibrant atmosphere for customers. Alas, like many Black-owned businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor's hot spot for nails was forced to close.