#TimesUp has taken the Hollywood industry by storm within the last few months. Women have been very vocal since the Weinstein scandal about the abuse of power and sexual misconduct that has long plagued Hollywood. Thandie Newton is now speaking out about how the movement is tied to the status of fame, according to Vulture.

Before it became a mainstream issue, Thandie Newton was very vocal about the treatment of women within the movie industry. The Westworld star revealed early-on that she was sexually abused during an audition by an unnamed casting director. Despite having a personal account of abuse, Newton’s name or incident was not at the forefront of the #TimesUp movement.

In an interview with News Corp, Newton explained that she believes that she was shut out from being apart of the movement because she was not a more famous actress. “I wasn’t hot enough…I wasn’t mainstream enough and I wasn’t going to be at the Oscars this year, even though I am having a renaissance in my career” Newton explained. She said not being asked to tell her story for the movement was “very painful.”

When the 45-year-old first spoke out her alleged sexual assault she was “ostracized” from Hollywood. Newton chose to tell her story regardless because it could help the young women who planned to enter show business.  “I felt if there was one girl whose family was thinking about putting their child into show business, that would help them decide. That was all I cared about,” Newton said.

Many women in Hollywood including Shonda Rhimes, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman have been working closely with the #TimesUp movement. In the near four months since launching the organization has raised $20 million that has gone towards the legal fees of thousands of alleged victims of workplace misconduct.