I have been buying Air Wick Scented Oil plug-in air fresheners since I was in college.  Living in the dorms, you learn that not everyone shares your same views of cleanliness and I needed an air freshener that would let me set it and forget it and the sprays just weren’t working. (It would ultimately end up smelling like funk masked by a floral scent — which smelled worse  than just the funk alone!) So you can understand why I was happy to discover Air Wick's scented oil plug-ins that I still use today to help me keep my little cubicle smelling fresh all day.

Since I’m on my grown-woman status now, I like to stock up on Air Wick products at my local warehouse club. In addition to the scented oil plug-in air fresheners, Air Wick also has Freshmatic auto spray & refills, scented candles and reed diffusers, all retailing from $2.99 – $5.99. And if you buy them at your local warehouse club like I do, you may save even more.

Air Wick has recently partnered with the National Park Foundation to craft 6 new fragrances inspired by the natural elements found in our national parks.  The new limited edition scents introduced this spring are: Grand Canyon, American Samoa, Denali, Hawai’i, Virgin Islands and Gulf Islands.  The new fragrances are perfect for freshening up your home with lovely scents from the outdoors.

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