So every year since I was a college sophomore, I’ve been getting facials. (Don’t judge me.) Once I discovered the fluid, circular motions from magic fingers of one esthetician after another over the years, an addiction was born. Sure, they extract blackheads and exfoliate dead skin, etc. But the whole experience tends to be super-relaxing and meditative, the estheticians usually cute and flirtatious…

After doing a lecture down at Morehouse College late last year, I took advantage of an invite to get a professional shave at the Clientele Barbershop on Northside Drive. “Master Barber” Will Williams pulled out his straight razor and laid out a true branded shave experience, using maximum strength Bump Patrol to wrap things up. The fast-acting formula promises to heal and prevent ingrown hair bumps and razor burn, and in my experience, I’d swear by it.

Williams carefully explained how to spread the stuff on with one hand only (rubbing liquids like this between your hands first dilutes their effectiveness, he said). Although Black men with problematic beard areas will certainly need a special barber to extract their ingrown hair first, Bump Patrol prevents the situation from ever becoming a problem again. The product line also includes shave gel and shaving cream, though I stay loyal to my Art of Shaving products for all that.

Should you get your hands on some yourself (via contest or otherwise), be sure to follow Master Barber Williams’s detailed instructions over on YouTube. Facials are another level. But Bump Patrol should available in the grooming section of many large pharmacies across the country. Ask the kind folks over at the product’s Facebook page if you can’t find it.

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