I am a candle aficionado. I constantly keep scented candles burning in my apartment. I can run down what brand has the most powerful scents, what candle lasts the longest, which ones are made of soy or if wood wicks are better. Candles are great gifts for everything from house-warming parties to birthdays. I mean, who doesn’t love candles?

I recently came upon the brand ‘Diamond Candles’. This isn’t just any old candle. They have come up with a way to make an ordinary candle simply extraordinary by merging delightful scents of premium 100% soy wax (locally grown) with a surprise inside. Similar to a prize you get from inside a cereal box or Cracker Jack box. Except when the candle burns, it reveals a ring inside (valued at $10 or up to $5,000.)

Many fans of Diamond Candles have taken to the company’s Facebook page, Twitter (@diamondcandle) and Instagram (#diamondcandlering) to show off their newfound treasures. There’s even a Facebook page specifically for trading candles and rings.

The 21-ounce, 100% premium soy Diamond Candles (SRP: $24.95) are available online.  Get yours today!  They smell delicious and the bonus ring doesn’t hurt either.