Working in an office environment can get a little noisy. You know how it is with coworkers on the phone or having side conversations by your desk. It can get pretty loud. But lucky for me, I’ve found a solution to drown out the office noise. Whenever I need to concentrate at work, I just put on my Nick Cannon NTune Candy Colour Collection Headphones from Monster and listen to music from my laptop.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received my Monster NTune Candy Colour Collection On-Ear Headphones. Since Monster is one of the biggest names in audio, I wasn’t too worried. The headphones are durable, lightweight and comfortable. They have a cool-looking design and come in several colors. The sound quality is excellent. I can play it as loud as I want because Monster’s advanced technology will keep the music distortion-free. There’s even a fingertip phone button I can use to speak on a smartphone. And since the headphones are tangle-free, I can throw them in my workbag and keep it moving.

Check out the NTune Candy Colour Collection Headphones from Monster on their official website or at Office Depot stores around the world, as well as select retailers including at Wal-Mart,, and Fry’s Electronics. Want to win a pair of your own? Follow us on Twitter, we’ll be giving away a pair this Thursday at 3:00pm EST.