There are two things that I learned about my mother at a very early age that I must never forget: she only wears bright orange lipstick and her favorite perfume is Chanel No.5.

I didn’t understand perfume growing up. It made me sneeze and woke up five minutes earlier than I needed whenever my mother would drown her room and the hallway with that No. 5. But I grew to understand that a lady always has a signature scent, and I didn’t have one of my own.

That is, until last week. Walking into my office, I noticed a gorgeous beige and clear bottle on my desk. The shape and decor looked vaguely familiar: I had bought Reb’l, the second fragrance from Rihanna, for someone as a Christmas gift last year. With the launch of her recent 777 tour (7 concerts, 7 countries and 7 days), the Barbadian superstar has debuted her newest scent, Nude.

I gave myself a little mist and within five minutes, co-workers were approaching me left and right about what I was wearing. It smelled so good. Sweet, yet modest; powerful yet subtle, I can finally say that I’ve found my true scent.

Reminiscent of sweet island flowers, guava and sandalwood, this sensual, yet provocative scent is made for the young, modern and sexy woman. Vanilla notes transmit the feeling of bare skin and intimacy, while the musk of sandalwood brings the bold.

Rih Rih released only 777 limited edition bottles in a diamond-inspired silver box; the bottle itself, featuring a crystal charm with your unique bottle number, sits upon a mini stage.

The limited edition set is being sold for $105 and is available and; however, you can get the gorgeous fragrance in it’s traditional packaging at participating department stores, including Macy’s, for only $60.