Sugar is my weakness, and I have found that trying to deny myself the pleasure of cookies, cakes and pie only leads to binging on them. However, tiny treats and portion control have been an effective way to feed my inner dessert monster without packing in extra calories. My latest obsession? Tart Bites, the delicious creation of moms Kelly and Letizia, who share my concerns about over-indulging (and passing good snacking habits on to our respective little ones.)

The tasty, two-bite desserts come in scrumptious flavors such as apple pie, Boston Irish cream, chocolate cheesecake, lemon drop and key lime. Oh, and a seasonal pumpkin cheesecake! Nom, nom, nom! Each Tart Bite retails for $1.95-$2.35 and they can be shipped across the US.

But that isn’t the only delectable offering from the good folks at Tart Bites. My fellow vino-fanatics will be delighted to try DeVine jellies, which use the same flavor profiles from your favorite wines to create unique Spiced Port, Cabernet, Shiraz and Kir Royal spreads. (The Spiced Port is my favorite, and pairs amazingly with goat cheese and extra sharp cheddar!) Each 4 ounce jar retails for $8.95, and can be shipped nationally as well.

Check out the Tart Bites website and visit their store if you’re in the Encino, California area!

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