You’ll never use your iPad again.

What’s the point? The HP ENVY x2 is a tablet—when you want a tablet—and a full-service laptop, when you want a laptop.  Just unlatch the HD screen from the keyboard and swipe away to access all of your favorite apps, from Netflix and Hulu Plus, to Kindle Books, Facebook and Twitter. With tons of apps to choose from in the Store, (my latest obsession is Memorylage, the app that lets you make collages out of your favorite pictures) you’ll be entertained for hours. (Literally, hours–this "lablet," as I call it, has a 14-hour battery life!)

But the absolute best part of the HP ENVY x2 is that, even in tablet mode, you can operate multiple apps at one time. So while I’m “doing pop culture research,” also known as re-watching the new season of “Arrested Development” on Netflix, I can have my email up and running on the dual-screen, too, making sure I don’t miss a beat. 

When you’re ready for a full-service laptop—which, being  an old-fashioned writer, I always am—just snap the screen back on to the keyboard and select “Desktop” mode, either by touchscreen or with the mouse, and you’re ready to go.  Equipped with the newly-launched Windows 8 platform, I’ve got full Microsoft Office on my HP ENVY x2, SkyDrive (another app which allows me to store all the HD photos I take with the HP ENVY's digital camera and all my important docs both in cyberspace and on my hardrive) and my new best friend: One Note, an app that lets you record video or audio in one tab while you type away in another. As an interviewer, this has been a lifesaver, since I no longer have to use my iPad to record, my phone to remember my questions (or vice versa) and a pad and paper to jot down notes, mid-interview. One Note keeps everything neatly in one place, and if I have Wi-Fi, it automatically syncs my documents in cyberspace, in case of a nightmare, like theft or loss of my computer after I’ve just done the interview of my life. Like I said: lifesaver!

I’ve had my HP Envy for over a month now and I still love it and still haven’t touched my iPad since I've gotten it.  This super light-weight (3-lbs!) gift came to me via the good folks at Windows 8 just when carrying around my 15” HP laptop was making my back hurt and that other tablet's deficiencies were getting on my nerves. In other words, it came right on time. And to paraphrase the famous words of Will Smith in “Independence Day,” You have got to get you one of these!

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