Although the NBA postseason has been dominated with the buzzer beaters and blowouts, it’s the player’s children who have been stealing the show. From Derrick Rose’s son PJ’s meme-able facial expressions, to Steph Curry’s rambunctious daughter, Riley Curry, while their fathers might have game, they are the one’s stealing the show. Here are the four best postgame interviews featuring NBA children.


Chris Paul

Chris Paul’s son, Christopher Paul II, is among the most recognizable NBA children, so much so that you could catch him in All-State commercials. But Christopher Jr. first made his major appearances during a postgame interview. From making the “Blake face” to talking about beating Grant Hill, Christopher Jr. is right at home in LA.


Steph Curry

While Riley Curry’s father, Stephen, might have won the league’s MVP race, she has become the frontrunner for the cutest child of the NBA postgame interview. From telling her father to be quiet to dominating the stage, Riley just became NBA royalty. With the Warriors establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference, we will be seeing a lot more of Stephen and undoubtedly, Riley as well.


Tim Duncan

What better way to celebrate winning your 5th NBA Championship than with your two children? Duncan invited his daughter, Sydney, and son, Draven, on stage with him as he fielded questions, that was until a reported asked the kids about their dads performance. While Sydney was a more outspoken, Draven was a little bit shy. No worries, right now Tim is the only person with the lights on him, but the future looks bright for kids.


Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose’s son PJ is a spitting image of his father and isn’t afraid to show his emotions. The two-year-old son of the former league MVP wasn’t have any part of the conversation that his father couldn’t get the job done. Even though the run of the Chicago Bulls has come to an end this season, little PJ’s plotting hands has fans looking towards the future.