Ready for an island vacation that blends breathtaking tropical beaches, experiencing local culture, and partaking in eco-driven activities? Look no further than the Bahamas Islands. The Caribbean destination has long been one of the most eco-friendly destinations in the world due to their dedication to wildlife and environmental conservation. The cluster of islands, which are also a treasure trove of biodiversity, is now introducing a variety of eco-driven travel adventures that offers sustainable tourism options while empowering native communities. 

According to the American Express 2022 Travel Trends Report, when surveyed, nearly 80% of global travelers reported that this year their vacation plans will prioritize positive environmental impact and opportunity for cultural immersion. Specifically, “Consumers are traveling with purpose and finding ways to give back to destinations and local communities.” This growing trend, shaping the future of travel, is marked by uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel. 

To fulfill this need, the Bahamas now offers a range of activity options that fits the desire for ecotourism and are fun enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Wildlife Conservation

While opportunities are plentiful to explore the Bahamas’ native wildlife in their natural habitats, visitors can also learn directly from the movers and shakers working to sustain the country’s unique ecosystems:

Visit Grand Bahama Island’s Coral Vita, the internationally renowned non-profit organization working to protect the ecosystem by restoring coral reefs. Guests can visit the organization’s “Coral Cabanas” to learn more about coral farming and the ocean’s threatened reefs.

Image: courtesy of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Located on Exuma, Grand Isle Resort recently launched a partnership with Beneath the Waves to provide guests a hands-on opportunity to contribute to their ocean conservation research. Participants can opt to snorkel with a marine biologist or tag sharks with their team of scientists.

Image: courtesy of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Secluded Eco-Adventure

With 700 cays and 16 unique island destinations, the Bahamas has a variety of native animals and diverse ecosystems that travelers will be privy to once on-island. For those looking to delve into the off-the-beat-path, the Out Islands should be on their radars: 

Head to Inagua—the birdwatching capital of The Bahamas—for a secluded and intimate experience with Mr. Ingraham’s Great Inagua Tours where adventurers will encounter native wildlife including flamingos and wild donkeys.

Image: courtesy of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

The largest island in the Bahamas, Andros, is virtually untouched, allowing visitors to envelop themselves in its vast green landscapes. Not to mention the National Park System, of which, The West Side National Park protects 1.5 million acres of pristine wilderness. A visit wouldn’t be complete without a swim in one of the 180+ blue holes found inland. Andros is home to the world’s highest concentration of blue holes, and among them, the most accessible include Captain Bill’s Blue Hole and Blue Holes National Park.

Image: courtesy of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

A popular location for spotted and bottlenose dolphin sightings, Bimini visitors can book an afternoon among these playful creatures with the experts at Bimini Scuba Center with programs like the “Wild Dolphin Safari” or embark on an up-close tiger shark encounter.  

Image: courtesy of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.