The Best Man: The Final Chapters premieres on Peacock this week, and writer/director Malcolm D. Lee is declaring that this truly is the end. “I wanted to really finish it off and answer the question, ‘who's Quentin gonna get married to?'” he declares to EBONY. “Plus, it’s an ode to the fans to let them know we appreciate your support and to give some closure to these characters.”

The Best Man: Final Chapters Cast
The cast of The Best Man: The Final Chapters, from left: Harold Perrineau, Regina Hall, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut and Melissa De Sousa. Image: Peacock.

That wrap-up is about seeing Lance, Robyn, Candace and more dealing with mid-life issues. We met these lovable individuals in their 20s when the first The Best Man movie came out in 1999. Now, "we have an opportunity to really tell some stories about adulting—the time in our lives where we're in the sandwich years, raising children and taking care of our parents," Lee says. It's also about how relationships go through specific struggles. "People who grow together can grow apart and question whether you are evolving at the same rate and want the same things as a couple.” Bringing back the Best Man characters, especially over an eight-part limited series, really gave Lee a chance to explore their motivations. “I wanted to look at all those challenges and how one deals with loss and grief and their own metamorphosis,” he explains.

Through his Best Man characters, Lee has been able to share a bit of his own personality. “Jordan (played by Nia Long) is very much someone that I can relate to. She’s very driven and unapologetic for it,” he shares. “There's a lot of Harper (played by Taye Diggs) in me as well and as I get older as a parent, there's a lot of Lance (played by Morris Chestnut) in me too.” And at least one actor is basing his character on Lee himself. “Harold Perrineau really thinks that Murch is me. He imitates my hand movements.” 

Bringing back original cast members was a breeze, even the officially retired-from-acting Terrence Howard, who plays Quentin. “It’s his second retirement,” Lee jokes. “They're a group, they're an ensemble. One doesn't work without the other.” The team banded together quickly to help Lee close out the last few pages of this adored friendship anthology.

While Peacock is billing The Final Chapters in its first season, Lee says otherwise. “If there is [another season] it wouldn't be me telling it. I don't have anything to say more about these characters,” he reveals. “The intention was to present this as the final chapter for this franchise, and I'm grateful that we're able to get here. We could have certainly ended after The Best Man Holiday. I hope people feel like this is a fitting ending … and I feel like we're gonna leave well enough alone with this.”

The Best Man: The Final Chapters premieres on Peacock on December 22, 2022.