Social media has taken over our lives, with many folks creating moments to post to Tumbr, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Celebrities. notables and “regular folks” keep gossip blogs and water cooler chats popping via these networks and 2012 had memorable social media moments to spare. Here are 10 of the ones we won’t soon forget:

1. Beyonce and Jay Z’s Blue Ivy Tumblr Photos: In January, hip-hop’s golden couple gave birth to their daughter Blue Ivy Carter. To the delight of the world, in early February, they released photos of their daughter on their HelloBlueIvyCarter Tumblr site.

2. #hoodiesforTrayvon: The killing of unarmed Black teen Trayvon Martin occurred February 27, 2012. In the month that followed, people wore hoodies similar to the one Martin wore when he was killed and uploaded the photos on social networking sites to protest both the killing and the suggestion that his “suspicious” attire played a role in his death. Among those that joined in the protest were six state senators, all from New York City, who wore hoodies during a legislative session in the Capitol Chambers in Albany, the photo was widely circulated on social media

3. Lauryn Hill’s Tax Evasion Letter on Tumblr: Following news of Lauryn Hill’s tax evasion, the singer took to Tumblr to explain herself in an open letter. Hill reportedly skipped out on income taxes from 2005 to 2007, failing to file papers for an estimated $1.8 million in earnings.

4. Chris Brown/Drake Brawl Photos Land on Instagram and Twitter: Brown took to Twitter to talk about an injury he suffered at the hands of Canadian rapper and his entourage at a New York nightclub. 

He shared a photo showing a bloody cut on his chin, which he reportedly received during a run-in with Drake’s entourage .

”How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol,” Brown wrote. “Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!” 

Shame, indeed—for all responsible parties.

 Reportedly the fight was about Rihanna.

5. Frank Ocean’s Coming Out Letter on Tumblr: The R&B singer came out of the closet by posting an open letter on Tumblr, revealing a love affair that he had with a man four years ago. Apparently, his former flame was the inspiration for some of the love songs that appear on his album Channel Orange.

6. President Obama’s “This Seat’s Taken” Tweet: The Obama campaign tweeted out a picture of Obama sitting in a chair labeled “The President” along with the line: “This seat’s taken.” The tweet followed Mitt Romney’s official acceptance of the GOP presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention, as well as a weird, rambling speech by actor Clint Eastwood, who spoke right before Romney’s introduction and addressed an empty chair on stage throughout his speech, saying “Mr. Obama” was sitting there.

7. Stacey Dash’s Romney Endorsement Tweet: The actress prompted a firestorm on Twitter after publicly endorsing Republican nominee Mitt Romney. “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney,” Dash wrote on her official Twitter page, accompanied by a photo of herself in a red bathing suit with an American flag. Shortly thereafter, presumed Obama supporters began insulting Dash for her opinion, saying she isn’t “Black” enough, several even asking if the actress would just “kill herself.” As news of Dash’s treatment spread, however, First Amendment-lovers nationwide began voicing their support for the actress using the hashtag #ISupportStaceyDash.

8. Wyclef Jean’s Motorcycle Tweet: The ex-Fugee couldn’t resist the opportunity to show off his toned body in a post to Twitter on his birthday: “TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD!” he wrote. “I look And feel 26! U cant keep a good Man down! Keep a smile when they want you to frown!” In the photo, Jean sits astride his Ducati motorcycle, a Ben Bostrom replica, and looks like he’s been carefully greased from the waist up. Unsurprisingly, the photo became an Internet meme

9. 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather’s Twitter Beef: Boxer Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent ended their friendship and business partnership SMS productions with a Twitter war that was widely retweeted.

10. Obama’s Victory Tweet: The tweet, “Four more years,” with a photo of the president hugging first lady Michelle Obama, was sent about 8:16 p.m. pacific time as the major TV networks were calling the race in Obama’s favor. In three hours, the message had been re-tweeted about 455,000 times. By noon Wednesday, it had been re-tweeted more than 718,800 times, making it the most retweeted tweet in social media history.

Makkada B. Selah is a writer based in New York City. You can follow her on twitter at @makkadab