As we wrap up 2021, let's give thanks to the folks who kept our Instagram feed live. Last year, COVID kept a lot of us cooped up indoors with no where to go because of the quarantine. Because of vaccines, we were able to venture outdoors and slowly resume our daily lives like they were before the pandemic. As we had a purpose again to meet up with friends for a drink or dinner or just to basically hang out, we began to ditch the loose sweatsuits that we were living in in 2020 and once again began flexing fashionable fits. So if you're ringing in the New Year out and about (safely) with friends or in the confines of your home, get dressed up for 2022 and celebrate another year of life.

We at EBONY look forward to another year of you guys killing it with your style.

Fredrique Wills

Jermaine Faust

Shannon Simpson

Foly Marius


Brandon Blackwood

Kadeem Johnson


Julian Hall

James Harden